On this week’s Political Spot, ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton chats with ACL’s Victorian Director about two recent events in the southern state. Saturday’s March for the Babies was a hugely successful event, with approximately 5,000 supporters of life marching in Melbourne to mark the passing of Victoria’s tragic abortion laws two years ago; laws which allow abortion for any reason until 24 weeks, and with the consent of two doctors after that. But bizarrely there was barely a mention of this significant rally in the mainstream press.

Rob Ward also discusses how the recent decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to fine a Christian camp for refusing to accommodate the request of an organisation supporting same-sex attracted youth will impact on the expression of religious liberties in the state.

Lyle Shelton then interviews David Yates, who is editor of ACL’s peer-reviewed magazine Viewpoint. The fourth edition of Viewpoint, available for sale shortly, contains articles debating the merits of an R18+ rating for computer games, poker machine reform, the fair trade movement, stem cell research and more.

The ‘Political Spot’ is presented by the ACL, and broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations.

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