As Christians, we appreciate that the true meaning of Christmas is centred around the birth of Jesus Christ. Being able to see nativity scenes like the one on the left (taken by an ACL supporter at the Belconnen Mall in the ACT) in our shopping malls should not be taken for granted - it's a clear acknowledgement of the Christian element of Christmas. Likewise, being able to listen to carols on the TV and broadcasts of the Christian message is also another way Christ can be kept as the centre of Christmas.

While we would hope that Christ would never be lost out of Christmas - it's important to let retailers and media know that as Christians we appreciate that the true meaning of Christmas is being displayed in such a public way. Consider writing a letter today to your local mall to thank them for a nativity scene you saw or to the television station for airing a program acknowledging Christ as the true meaning of Christmas. If your council has held a Christmas concert with the Christian message, thank them too.