Does freedom of speech include the freedom to offend? And to joke at another’s expense? Yes.

Second question – should State and Local government then fund a play that sets out to offend? No

Irreverent, sacrilegious and foul-mouthed. That is how the latest show is described featured in the Brisbane Festival. Of the finale, the sisters’ version of Jesus Christ’s Last Supper, the Courier Mail on the weekend quote the performers, “Why not re-invent one of the most infamous dinner parties on Earth with the hosts being a two-headed female Jesus?”

The Wau Wau sisters make it clear that they are not worried about offending anyone and say that their show is about freedom, tolerance and inclusion – and about having a laugh.

Queensland’s religious vilification laws ask the following question as a guideline as to whether the laws apply. Could it incite hatred (serious contempt or severe ridicule)?

Would the State or Local government ever consider funding a movie such as “The Innocence of Islam” which is currently receiving world-wide condemnation? Surely not! And rightly so. Neither should they fund this play which ridicules the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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