South Australian lower house MPs have been encouraged to consider the merits of a Nordic Approach to prostitution before they vote on the bill to decriminalise it, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

The comments follow the 13-8 vote to decriminalise prostitution in the upper house Wednesday night. The private members bill will now go to the lower house for a vote.

“It is well known that trafficked women are exploited in this industry and decriminalising it doesn’t protect them.” ACL South Australian director Christopher Brohier said.

“When there is clearly a better way it must be seriously considered. The Nordic Approach which has been implemented in countries such as Sweden, France, Canada, and Korea is proven to reduce the exploitation and trafficking of women.

“The upper house vote last night was disappointing as it casts aside evidence from Victoria and Queensland that show illegal sex trade and trafficking has continued unabated after those states decriminalised prostitution.

“The Nordic Approach, which targets the men and pimps that profit through the exploitation of women, offers the government a framework that has been implemented across many jurisdictions and proven to benefit those previously exploited.”