The Australian Christian Lobby today urged caution concerning calls for Australian trials into mitochondrial replacement, or three-parent babies.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said, “It’s understandable that many parents see this as an answer to their deep desire for their own healthy, biological children,” Mr Shelton said.

“However, the rights of children must be considered before the rights of adults.”

“Genetically modifying children to produce healthy children may seem desirable, but we must consider whether this has any ramifications for future generations,” he said.

“Should legislation for mitochondrial replacement be passed in Australia, there is a high possibility it will open the floodgates to complete manipulation of the human germline.”

“According to experts, proof of safety is ‘impossible in this situation’ and the evidence against long-term negative effects is ‘far from reassuring’1.

“It’s unethical to pursue this inadequately tested procedure that will lead to permanent and completely unforseen ramifications for future generations2.”