No Victorian parent wants their daughter sharing a school toilet with a biological male, Australian Christian Lobby’s Victorian director Dan Flynn said today in response to an article in today’s Herald Sun.

Roz Ward, the founder of the so-called “Safe Schools” program, states in her proposal to the Education Department that “anybody who is female-identified”, including biological males, should be able to use girls’ toilets at school.

Mr  Flynn said, “There is no harm in having one unisex toilet in a school, out of consideration for rare cases where a student might be struggling with their gender identity, but there is no justification for causing distress to school girls by letting boys use their private facilities.”

“Parents have to be eternally vigilant of their child’s safety,” Mr Flynn said.

“Right now parents are able to push back against these radical proposals from Roz Ward and Safe Schools but everything will change, if same sex marriage is legalised” Mr Flynn warned.

“If you take gender out of marriage you take gender out of sex education and you take gender out of school toilets.

“That is the genderless package-deal that parents have to say no to,” Mr Flynn said.

From 2018 the Victorian Government is making Safe Schools compulsory. So far more than 5,000 Victorians have signed an ACL petition calling on the Andrews Government to give parents the right to say ‘no’ to controversial programs like the Safe Schools program.