The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed plans by the South Australian Government to give people born from assisted reproductive techniques rights to information about their donor parents.

“The Australian Christian Lobby does not support surrogacy and sperm or egg donations, whether altruistic or commercial, as it exploits women and hurts children, treating them as commodities,” ACL South Australian director Christopher Brohier said.

“However, so long as children are born through ART they should be provided the same universal rights to information about their genetic heritage currently available to children conceived naturally.

“We welcome changes that have been flagged by Health Minister Peter Malinauskas to establish a donor conception register and to increase Government regulation of the industry.

“The rights of children, recognised in the Convention of the Rights of the Child, require that their full genetic and social heritage and parentage be declared on their birth certificate.

“Surrogate children have a right to know their true history.

“Many children born through surrogate arrangements will be watching closely to ensure that South Australia does not drop ethical standards to such an extent that women can be exploited for their wombs and eggs,” Mr Brohier said.

“Currently the use of donor sperms and eggs is leaving a legacy of hurting people who are unaware of their heritage and denied the rights to know their genetic parents.”