For release: 22 June 2015

The latest politician to reverse his position on marriage, Labor’s Kelvin Thomson, has failed to provide any meaningful rationale for redefining marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said Mr Thomson’s latest position on marriage fails to address concerns about the impact redefining marriage would have on children.

“There is a grave injustice in redefining marriage because it redefines family,” Mr Shelton said.

“In fairness to Mr Thomson, I think he is like others who have been influenced by the simplistic and clever campaigning of the redefining marriage lobby. He just hasn’t thought about the ethics of deliberately denying a child knowledge of and access to their biological mother or father,” Mr Shelton said.

“Children miss out on a mother or father because of tragedy or desertion but they should not miss out because politicians have not thought deeply enough about the consequences of their decisions.”

With a large number of Labor capitulations, it was more important than ever that the Coalition retained a party position on marriage.

“The rights of Australian children and the right of freedom of belief about the truth of marriage now rest with the Coalition,” Mr Shelton said.