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Donations of over $13,000 are subject to disclosure under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. This is the reason we require your personal details when making a donation. All donations are secure and encrypted. Donations may also be made by credit card by phoning the Australian Christian Lobby on (02) 6175 0200

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have promised to block the Australian people from having their say about the future of Australia’s marriage laws.

In doing so, they have unwittingly given our side of the debate the gift of time.

We now have more time to build our campaign, more time to build our coalition, and more time to win the hearts and minds of millions of Australians.

We cannot waste this precious gift of time.  We must use it to the fullest extent to ensure we are best placed to win the campaign for marriage.

Your gift will ensure we can train more volunteer leaders, and continue to deploy world class campaign infrastructure and technology so we can run the smartest, most sophisticated political campaign Australia has ever seen.

Please give now to make sure we can make the most of the time Bill Shorten has given us.

Who's donating: from High Wycombe, Australia donated. Thank you!