Last night’s resounding defeat of a bill to legalise euthanasia in Western Australia by 24 votes to 11 marks the fourth time a fully-constituted State parliament has carefully considered and then thrown out a euthanasia bill in the last two years, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said today.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said that the WA decision exposes the diabolical tactics of euthanasia advocates such as Bob Brown and Philip Nitschke in seeking to overturn Federal Government legislation in order to push debate on euthanasia into the smaller Territory parliaments, where they envisage they will have more opportunity to manipulate the outcomes.

“The introduction of legalised euthanasia has now been rejected by four State Parliaments in the last two years alone – with bills rejected by the South Australian and Tasmanian Parliaments last year, and by the Victorian Parliament in 2008,” Mr Wallace said.

“In total, 10 parliamentary sitting days were used up in four jurisdictions on this issue and now yet another bill has been introduced in South Australia, with euthanasia bills again mooted for Tasmania, NSW and Victoria.

“Just how much more parliamentary time is going to be consumed by this issue as euthanasia fundamentalists pursue an ideology of death?

“In every Australian state where a parliamentary committee has closely examined euthanasia, the committee has rejected it. These were fully constituted state legislatures with a house of review. Surely it is time for our legislators to say ‘enough’,” Mr Wallace said.

“This issue is being falsely presented to the community as one of compassion but the consequences of legalising euthanasia paint a far different picture.

“How compassionate is it for people to be euthanised without their consent as happens in the Netherlands? How compassionate is it for sick and elderly people to feel they have a ‘duty to die’ because they have become a burden to their families? This is where legalised euthanasia leads.”

Mr Wallace said that Australian parliaments should be looking to affirm the intrinsic worth of all human beings and looking to build a culture of life and hope – not one of death.

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NB: Jim Wallace is available for interviews on this issue. ACL’s WA Director Michelle Pearse is also available for interviews in WA.