Lyle-Shelton-150x150Since the High Court struck down the ACT Government's same-sex marriage legislation last December, there has been a welcome quiet in the debate.

With a substantial majority of federal parliamentarians in favour of preserving marriage and the rights of kids, there is no reason why this should change.

But the Greens, who cite changing the definition of marriage as one of their top priorities (along with euthanasia), are chipping away.

Recently they set up a Senate inquiry into a bill to recognise same-sex marriages conducted overseas.

This is clearly a tactic to put pressure on parliamentarians as part of the Greens' misguided assault on the rights of  children to have their mum and dad, wherever possible.

The truth is there is no discrimination against same-sex couples in Australia. Keeping marriage between a man and a woman does not change this.

But if Australia capitulates on the definition of marriage, our cultural assumption that a child has the right - wherever possible - to her or his biological mother and father, will be lost.

It could take decades to recover this basic value in law.

A civil and unselfish society puts the rights of children first, no matter how emotive the arguments against this are.

Senate inquiries take notice of what the public say. They are very democratic.

ACL will be encouraging everyone to add their voice in this inquiry so the rights of the next generation can be upheld. Visit to sign the submission to oppose the 'Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill'.

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