LyleShould baby Gammy have been born? Australians who raised $220,000 for the Thai-born Down syndrome baby’s medical costs think so.

It has been heartening to see the outpouring of compassion for him.

But the sad fact is not enough of us are willing to do what is needed to create the political environment in which public policy can be created that will protect such babies.

In Australia, if pre-natal testing reveals Down syndrome, the baby’s life is routinely ended through abortion.

Reflecting society, a majority of Australian parliamentarians long ago abandoned the idea that a Down syndrome baby was worth saving.

Our collective lack of compassion for the baby Gammys’ of the world was demonstrated during Senate hearings into the Medicare funding of abortion in 2008.

The Parliamentary Group on Population and Development told the Senate that Medicare funding of abortion was necessary because disabled babies might be born and become a drain on the disability services budget.

The submission was a word-for-word cut and paste of the submission of the radical pro-abortion group, the Australian Reproductive Health Alliance.

The short statured senator from Western Australia, Dr Alan Eggleston, resigned from the group in protest.

Several other parliamentarians, who didn’t know a submission advocating aborting the disabled to save money was lodged in their name, wrote letters saying they disagreed.

The former Nationals veteran Senator Ron Boswell told the Senate the views expressed by the PGP&D were akin to the ‘Hitler regime’ which began killing the disabled before it did the Jews.

I think our society can do better.

A Toowoomba-based organisation seeking to help us in this is Emily’s Voice. They have produced a number of heart-warming stories about courageous people who have saved the lives of babies.

Here’s just one.

In Western Australia, ACL is supporting the Upper House MP Nick Goiran’s campaign to stop the practice of aborting babies post 20 weeks.

Mr Goiran has uncovered shocking statistics which show that since 2001, 474 babies were aborted after 20 weeks.

If you live in WA, please use our online campaigning website to send an email to your local member of parliament.

In the same way we have fallen in love with baby Gammy abandoned by his biological parents in Thailand because he was disabled, we need to fall in love with the baby Gammys in our own backyard.