Party position on abortion

The Queensland Government is currently considering a private members bill “Abortion Law Reform (Women's Right to Choose) Amendment Bill 2016 and Inquiry into laws governing termination of pregnancy in Queensland” which would allow abortion for any reason up to full term. How would you vote on this bill, or any similar bill seeking to remove all protection for unborn children?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
 LNP  David Janetzki I would vote against this bill or any similar bill.
 FF  Alexandra Todd I would vote against any legislation that removed protection from unborn children and their mothers. In light of the information available regarding babies being born alive and left to die, if elected, I would seek to introduce legislation for their protection, and the protection of medical & nursing staff.
 KAP  Ken Elliott I would vote to keep the laws as they currently are.
 IND  Rob Berry  Declined to answer
 GRN  Ken Gover  Declined to answer
 IND  Di Thorley  Declined to answer