Towards Belief will be available on DVD in May 2013. Pre-order your copy today and receive a special discount!

Towards Belief is a 10 part series bringing together respected academics, apologists and Christian leaders to respond to the top belief blockers of our time.

The series is hosted by pastor and CEO of Olive Tree Media, Karl Faase, who travels to America, the United Kingdom and Australia to interview leading Christian thinkers including:

  • Professor John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Adjunct Professor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)

  • Professor Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford

  • Os Guinness, author and social critic, and a previous reporter for the BBC

  • Amy Orr-Ewing, Director of Programmes for OCCA and the UK Director for RZIM Zacharias Trust

  • Dr John Dickson, Co-Founder of the Centre for Public Christianity

  • Joel A'Bell, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Australia

and many more.

Towards Belief is a product of research conducted in 2011 into the religious and spiritual beliefs of modern Australians, and specifically what issues turned them off Christian faith and the Church. The series gives reasoned answers to those exploring these questions, as well as helping equip Christians to give an answer for their faith.

Topics addressed in the series include:

  • What about church abuse?

  • Doesn't science disprove God?

  • How can a good God allow suffering?

  • How can Christianity claim an exclusive way to God?

Catch a glimpse of the series by watching the trailer above.

We encourage you to purchase a copy to use as a resource for those exploring the Christian faith, or for those who want to better equip themselves to share their faith.

DVDs will be available in May 2013, but if you pre-order today, you'll receive a special discount. To find out more information and to pre-order a copy of the series, visit the official website