Australian cinemas will soon be releasing a new film, Trade of Innocents starring Dermot Mulroney and Mira Sorvino, which focuses on the worldwide problem of human trafficking.

Trade of Innocents tells the compelling story of a couple who set out to rescue young girls sold into South East Asia's sex slave trade, where women and children are purchased for exploitation.

This film will serve as a powerful tool for churches, ministries and organisation around our country to raise awareness of the atrocities happening in the sex industry, human trafficking and slavery of women and young children.

We encourage you to use the film as a call to action and prevention against the injustices happening around the world, and to spread the film's message of abolishing modern-day slavery.

The Trade of Innocents screening and anti-trafficking campaign will commence on 7th April 2013 in cinemas across Australia.

To find out where the film will be screening in your state and to purchase tickets online, please visit the Koorong website. Check out the Facebook page here.

You can also visit the film's official website to watch the trailer and for more information.

ACL has a history of advocating for reform in human trafficking and prostitution laws throughout Australia. ACL believes that prostitution should be seen as a form of exploitation and abuse of women, and that there is an undeniable link between legalised prostitution and human trafficking.

In the last eighteen months, ACL has made submissions to the ACT, WA and Tasmanian Governments supporting the Nordic approach to prostitution legislation, which criminalises the purchase of sex. Most recently, ACL presented evidence linking legalised prostitution and sex trafficking to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.

Click here to read ACL's submission.