2 October 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed concern that the Turnbull Government has acted hastily at the request of the abortion lobby to deny a visa to an American pro-life advocate.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said extensive media coverage over the last 24 hours has not revealed evidence of Mr Newman acting violently or inciting violence.

"There are many people in public life who have written or said things decades ago they now regret.

"Despite his wrong-headed view expressed 15 years ago, it appears Mr Newman's record as a respected pro-life advocate since then has been exemplary with no evidence he has resorted to or incited violence.

Mr Shelton said Communist apologist Senator Lee Rhiannon had been allowed to distance herself from the bloody atrocities of the political system she spent most of her life supporting and still contribute to public life.

Mr Shelton was concerned that the campaign to bar Mr Newman from Australia was instigated by Labor MP Terri Butler who is a member of the pro-abortion group Emily's List.

"Ms Butler receives campaign money from Emily's List because of her pro-abortion views," Mr Shelton said.

"That is fair enough in a free society, but it is a relevant motivating factor in her campaign to stop Mr Newman from speaking in Australia and the public should be allowed to know this."

Mr Newman is a board member of the Centre for Medical Progress which exposed US abortion provider Planned Parenthood's sale of dismembered unborn baby parts to medical research companies. Planned Parenthood's activities are now the subject of a Congressional investigation.

"Australian taxpayer money funds Planned Parenthood operations in the Asia-Pacific region and Mr Newman's visit promises to shed light on the abortion provider's murky activities."

ACL this morning launched a petition calling on Mr Dutton to reverse the decision to deny Mr Newman a visa.