14 October 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby has urged the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to resist calls to renege on his promise to hold the marriage plebiscite after the election.

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said it was disappointing to see reports today from some Liberals calling for Mr Turnbull to break his promise to stick with the August party room decision to hold a people's vote.

"The enthusiasts for changing the definition of marriage are so desperate to rush this that they are prepared to have a newly minted PM break a promise made on his very first day as PM.

"Apart from stability, Australia's politicians need to reestablish trust with the people and having a new PM break a promise made in Parliamentary Question Time is not the way to do this."

Mr Shelton said the people's vote should not be rushed because media bias identified by ABC's Media Watch program meant that the Australian people have not heard the other side of the same-sex marriage debate.

"Time and fair play is needed so people can understand that so called marriage equality denies donor-conceived children the right to know their mother or father.

"To deliver 'marriage equality' thousands of donor wombs and women's eggs will be required so men can have babies. Legalising exploitative commercial surrogacy is the only way to deliver full 'marriage equality'.

"We've not even begun to discuss what it means for a large proportion of Australians to overnight be considered bigots in the eyes of the law because they do not support changing the definition of marriage.

"It is no wonder Liberal MP Warren Entsch wants to rush this through the parliament before Australians are allowed to have a conversation about commercial surrogacy and freedom of speech."

Mr Shelton noted that the Attorney General George Brandis is reported to be already working on the legislation that sets out the question that might be asked in a plebiscite.

"Mr Brandis should consult widely with all interested parties before framing the terms of the legislation for the plebiscite."