For release: 18th February 2011




The decision by Britain’s government to allow civil partnership ceremonies in churches is concerning, the Australian Christian Lobby today said.

Managing Director Jim Wallace said it shows the slippery slope when a government legislates civil unions and partnerships.

“In just six years the British government has gone from introducing civil unions with bans on them being performed in churches to protect the religious freedom of people of faith, to allowing it,” he said.

“Another six years and it will be mandatory.

“Even though the British government says churches will be able to opt out of performing marriages – churches are likely to be intimidated into performing ceremonies.

“It’s clear the homosexual lobby group doesn’t tolerate or respect religious freedom and won’t stop until they get what they want.

“They’ve already indicated that they’re not satisfied with this ruling and they want gay marriage.

“The next step would be to have homosexual marriage in church.

Mr Wallace said the Australian government should heed the lessons learned from overseas.

“The homosexual claim on marriage has no basis in discrimination,” he said.

“It is a clear attempt to arrogantly interfere with an institution of greatest import to a great number of people.”