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Commonwealth of Australia Government House[/caption]

A symbolic step towards reconciliation was taken this week when Alf “Uncle Boydie” Turner presented an Indigenous rights petition to the Governor-General at Government House.

The petition was started by Uncle Boydie’s grandfather William Cooper in 1933. Cooper, a nationally-recognised Aboriginal leader, intended the petition to go to King George V, but this plan was frustrated. 80 years later, Uncle Boydie hopes this week’s presentation will help to achieve his grandfather’s dream.

The move comes at a time when the nation is starting to discuss seriously how to recognise Indigenous people in Australia's constitution.

You can read the original petition, as well as a cover letter written in 2013, at this website. You can also listen to Uncle Boydie tell the story of the petition and of his grandfather Mr Cooper in a 2013 interview with ACL's Katherine Spackman.