The appalling news that a mother has been charged with sending her 16-year-old daughter to work as a prostitute at a brothel in Sydney's eastern suburbs raises serious questions not only about the depths society is sinking to, but also the role of the brothel in this issue. Please click here to read more details about this issue in The Australian.

ACL asks what action has been taken to investigate the brothel over allegedly allowing an underage girl to work there? Have there been other incidents of this happening at the brothel and surely consideration should be given to closing it down?

Media reports indicate that it was the girl’s father who raised the alarm and reported his former wife to the police. Why didn’t the brothel take any action? One wonders how long the alleged prostitution of this young girl would have gone on without the father’s intervention.

Distressingly, there seems to be more investigation going on into whether restaurants are serving alcohol to minors than there is into whether minors are engaging in dangerous sexual acts in brothels!