This NSW election we asked all parties their views on a range of moral and social justice issues. You can view their responses on our website.

Since gaining the balance of power in the Federal Parliament, the Greens have used every opportunity to pursue their radical social agenda. The Greens’ responses to our NSW election questionnaire are a warning they intend to pursue the same agenda in NSW if given the opportunity.

It is especially important that people understand the Greens’ agenda as they may end up with the balance of power in the Upper House. Many Christians would be concerned by the Greens’ positions on:

Ten Catholic Bishops from NSW recently signed a statement highlighting the Catholic Church’s concerns about the Greens’ agenda, and the President of the NSW Baptist Union has endorsed those concerns.

Catholic Bishop Peter Ingham of Wollongong spoke recently to ACL’s Katherine Spackman about his concerns on 1WayFM. You can hear his interview by clicking here.

This is the most important NSW election in a generation. NSW needs a Parliament that will work to deliver a more moral, just and compassionate society. We encourage Christian voters to prayerfully consider how best to use your vote on March 26th to achieve this important goal.

ACL remains staunchly non-party partisan, however, we will highlight parties and policies that devalue life, threaten fundamental religious freedoms or seek to implement radical social change.

The Prime Minister recently labelled the Greens a party of “extremes”, and clearly they have a number of Christians concerned.