24 September 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today renewed calls for the Australian Parliament to investigate the use of human fetal tissue for medical research purposes to ensure no money is changing hands.

This follows damning footage released to the internet of alleged malpractice occurring within the multinational termination provider Planned Parenthood, causing the US House of Representatives to vote this week to strip federal funding from the organisation.

ACL Spokeswoman for Women, Wendy Francis said, “Many Australians would be unaware that it is legal to obtain and use human fetal tissue for medical research in Australia.”

“Given the Congressional investigation in the US, we call on the Australian Parliament to investigate this issue so that Australians can be assured that baby body parts are not being sold for medical research or other purposes.

“It is completely inappropriate for aborted babies to be used for any kind of research, it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. We need to be aware that this practice has opened the door to a hideous trade in the US where unscrupulous individuals have profited; Australians need be assured that this is not happening here,”

“In addition, the Australian government should immediately cease our country’s $4.5 million funding of the International Planned Parenthood Federation through our overseas aid[i],” Ms Francis said.


[i] http://dfat.gov.au/about-us/corporate/Pages/contracts-for-the-period-1-july-2014-30-june-2015.aspx