The time for action from church leaders is now

This threat in Victoria’s ‘Conversion Practices’ Bill to you and the people in your congregations is unprecedented and far reaching.

Make your voice for truth heard today.

“This bill is overly broad and fundamentally flawed. If it passes unchallenged you will face coercion, investigation, monitoring, re-education, potential fines and jail time just for promoting the teachings of the Bible.”

–John Steenhof, HRLA’s Managing Director

If you are the senior leader of your congregation (or authorised to sign on his/her behalf), please sign the letter above. As a leader you represent the concerns of many in the faith community.

“This bill removes from the LGBT community support for those who are seeking it… it criminalises the act of prayer in response to an individual asking for prayer. This is the government reaching into the private world of the person…”

–Dale Stephenson, Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church

Get informed!

Read this memorandum on the bill from HRLA »

Ensure you know what the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 is about by reading this excellent summary from the Human Rights Law Alliance (HRLA).  also speaks to the legal issues in the bill below.

Read these amendments recommended by the Institute for Civil Society »

By knowing what changes could help improve this bill, you can urge your local members of the Upper House to consider these amendments to protect freedoms.


Watch ACL’s Managing Director Martyn Iles explain the bill (The Truth of It: Ep 56)

 Martyn Iles steps you through the bill, paragraph by paragraph.

Watch these former LGBT people who have volunteered their story on the website

This bill is a breach of the human rights of members of the LGBT community to live the way they want and seek the treatment and support they want.

Watch stories of former LGBT people who want you to know the truth.

Church leader, making your voice for truth heard on this bill today is truly loving your neighbour. 

‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’
–Matt 22:39