Media Release

The massive swing towards the Liberal/National Coalition in Saturday’s Victorian election spells out a message to both major parties that they should resist dancing to the Greens’ tune and instead lead from a position of principle, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said today.

 “The courageous and principled decision by Ted Baillieu to put the Greens last on preferences was endorsed by voters in Victoria who were not prepared to endorse them as a ‘third force’ in politics,” ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward said.

 “Taking a leadership position on principle, rather than blindly following spin doctors and focus groups was rewarded by Victorians. This was not a swing based solely on a weary electorate’s desire for a change after 11 years - it was a warning to all politicians that voters want to avoid the Greens’ social extremism.

 “They are looking for Governments that will respond to the real concerns of the people not simply look for ways to cling to power,” he said.

 Mr Ward said that some commentators have rightly remarked on the broad sweep of controversial legislation pursued in recent years by the Victorian Government – something which has been of deep concern to Christians.

 “The message here is for Labor to regroup and return to its roots and support families, not to perform social engineering through legislation,” Mr Ward said.

 Mr Ward congratulated the Coalition on their win, and reminded them of their commitments to overturn recent changes to Equal Opportunity legislation that impact negatively on religious freedom.

 “The poor showing of the Greens will hopefully put an end to the unwanted push for euthanasia, gay marriage and other types of social engineering promoted by activists, but not even on the agenda for most voters. Labor needs to hear the voters and seek to move away from the radical left of politics.”