26 August 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today appealed to the Andrew’s government to reconsider the decision to scrap Special Religious Instruction (SRI).

ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn highlighted the clear contradiction of an Andrew’s Government pre-election indication that the party would retain the program at the last election.

“SRI remains popular with almost 30,000 school students volunteering to participate, yet none were consulted over these changes. There is no evidence that students or parents have changed their minds.

“This was a tried and tested program that helped children find moral bearings and better understand the rich Judeo-Christian cultural heritage upon which Western democracies are built.”

Mr Flynn called on the government to release details of the proposed “healthy relationships classes” before forcing them upon school children.

“Parents have a right to know what ideology is going to be taught in these classes. Lack of consultation over curriculum is a serious matter.

“There is emerging anger in other States about the deceptively named Safe Schools program which the Andrews’ government promised to make compulsory in Victorian high schools.

“The program instructs teachers to integrate sexual diversity in all subjects, with some results that would concern most parents.”

Mr Flynn called on the Victorian government to be transparent with voters to restore broken trust.

“The government needs to reinstate SRI and speak to parents. That is the honourable thing to do” said Mr Flynn.