15 April 2016

The Australian Christian Lobby has called on Victorian education minister James Merlino to urgently investigate a schools program which reportedly sexualises children.

“Parents are still coming to terms with the radical Safe Schools program which tells children their gender is fluid and are now learning about a new program which further sexualises minors,” said ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton today.

Mr Shelton said the ACL agreed with today’s editorial in The Australian which says “It is unacceptable that a program funded by government on the basis of domestic violence prevention should promote child sexualisation.”

“ACL is very concerned with the lack of public and media concern about the revelations in The Australian these past two days about the so-called ‘Building Respectful Relationships’ course,” Mr Shelton said.

“Building Respectful Relationships introduces contested gender ideology to students and asks students to look at relationship advertisements with inappropriate sexual content, under the guise of teaching about domestic violence.

According to a report in The Australian yesterday the Victorian Government is putting $21 million into the program which will target 120 Victorian schools and train thousands of teachers and childcare workers.

“While it is important for children to understand and develop respectful relationships, the program should not be used as a vehicle by rainbow activists to sexualise our children or teach them contested gender theory,” Mr Shelton said.

“The ACL welcomes the Victorian Government’s commitment to combating domestic violence but this can and should be done without sexualising children.”

Earlier this year the ACL expressed concern that the Victorian Government was forcing the controversial so-called Safe Schools program on the state’s primary and high school students.

“Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister and Deputy Premier James Merlino keep defending the sexualised material however as new material comes to light their position becomes increasingly difficult to understand,” Mr Shelton said.

“It would seem Mr Andrews and Mr Merlino are listening to radical LGBTI ideologues who by their own admission wish to deconstruct social norms and deny parental involvement.

“It is disappointing that the Andrews Government is so out of step with community concerns.”

The Victorian Government is not alone in branching out to support age-inappropriate sexualised material to children.

Last week the ACL warned of the NSW Government-funded program developed by Early Childhood Australia which asks child carers and pre-school teachers to view toddlers and babies as sexual beings.

ACL spokeswoman Wendy Francis said it was time for State governments to respond to the growing concerns in the community with the sexualised material they are supporting.

“Our children should not be the centre of dangerous gender experiments dealing with contested rainbow ideology,” Ms Francis said.

“State governments should refrain from supporting programs that confuse and sexualise our children.”


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