6 October 2015

Reports today that proposed same-sex adoptions laws will bring Victoria into line with New South Wales are not correct, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL's Victorian Director Dan Flynn said the NSW Government included protections for freedom of religion which allowed faith-based adoption agencies to continue to operate.

"There are no protections for freedom of religion in the bill before the Victorian Parliament," Mr Flynn said.

Mr Flynn said religious adoption agencies in the United States and Ireland had been forced to close after same-sex law reform.

"It would be a shame if Victorian religious adoption agencies who wished to carry out adoptions in line with their ethos and in line with the wishes of relinquishing parents were forced to close.

"Apart from trampling the rights of an orphaned child to have mother and father figure in their life, the Andrews' Government is also trampling freedom of religion.

"This is a very intolerant political agenda which demands everyone else in society conforms with its view of the world," Mr Flynn said.