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Today Victorian Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Senator John Madigan spoke at two public forums in Melbourne on the private bill he introduced into the Senate this year to remove public funding of abortions used to select boys or girls.

The bill, known as the "Health Insurance Amendment (Medicare Funding for Certain Types of Abortion) Bill 2013", is expected to be tabled in the Senate on 24 June 2013. Senator Madigan is forthright about the issue.

"Some people think it is ok to kill a child because it is not a boy or not a girl," Mr Madigan told the audience.

"Many people misrepresent what the Bill is about. It is only about Medicare funding for abortion based on gender of a child. Others are trying to muddy the waters," he said.

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"I resent taxes being used to knock off boys and girls for gender reasons. Children are not accessories and are not handbags," he said.

Senator Madigan pointed out that the girl being aborted could be another Julia Gillard or Julie Bishop.

"Abortion may be a State matter, but it is funded by the Commonwealth," he said.

A member of the audience, Melbourne radio commentator John-Michael Howson, OAM also addressed the forum, speaking of the abhorrence of late term abortion and partial birth abortion.

Recently he brought the issue up on Melbourne radio and "copped a tyrade of abuse".

The clear message he received by callers to his radio station was that this procedure "is not disgusting to perform but it is disgusting to bring it up".

The Bill doesn't make gender selection abortion illegal but if passed means federal funding will be removed.

Senator Madigan arranged the public forums today after the committee investigating the bill decided not to hold public inquiries. More than 900 submissions were made to the committee and it's due to hand down the report on the 25th of June. Read more about the inquiry on the website.

The 25th of June is also the same day the bill is scheduled to be tabled in the Senate.

Please contact your Senators and request that they vote in favour of this Bill.