Ahead of this weekend's election, know who shares your values.

Since the Andrews' government was elected in November 2014, our state has become an experimental outlier in Australia, clearly more unsafe now than ever before.

Whilst in power, the Labor government has:

1. Made the teaching of radical and dangerous gender theory mandatory in all State High Schools - the only state in Australia.

2. Legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide, forsaking the vulnerable especially the elderly - breaking an election promise to issue suicide permits...only state in Australia.

3. Attacked Christian organisations to remove their ability to employ all staff who share their beliefs - the only state in Australia.

4. Ignored the call to protect babies who can feel pain from abortion and prosecuted a Mum for allegedly helping women to save their babies.

Policies like these will continue to see Victoria become more and more unsafe despite the government labeling everything 'safe' - safe schools, safe injecting, safe assisted dying, safe zones.

Your voice matters! It's time to unite and voice our values!

One Hundred Days, Thousands Of Volunteers

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