The Australian Christian Lobby says the onus is on the Victorian Government to repeal its abortion laws after similarly dangerous abortion laws were rejected by the NSW parliament yesterday and in QLD earlier this year.

“Both Queensland and New South Wales have soundly rejected abortion-to-birth laws recognising that safeguards are important for both women and the unborn,” ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“However, what we have in Victoria is a decade-old law which does not take account of better technology which now gives doctors and the community a deeper understanding of the development of a pre-born baby.

“Consequently, Victoria’s abortion laws are out of step with community sentiment where there is a real appetite to provide vulnerable women, often coerced into abortion by people around them, with real choice.

“Thousands of people march in Melbourne each year, joining tens of thousands of others who are opposed to abortion, so clearly now is the time to revisit our current laws.

“So draconian is Victoria’s law, that earlier this year it became a crime to show a picture of a dead foetus in public.

“The Victorian Government could go some way in addressing the injustice of current abortion laws by offering legal protection to babies that are currently surviving abortion and being left to die.”