In what is good news for the pro-life cause, news broke yesterday that the infamous Croydon Day Clinic in Victoria is no longer offering partial-birth abortions.

The Victorian clinic is one of the last remaining providers of partial-birth abortion in Australia.

The Herald Sun reported the clinic will no longer provide abortions to women post 24 weeks.  The clinic's management played down the move as an 'operational decision'.

However there can be no denying the significance of this announcement.

All abortions end in the destruction of human life.  However partial-birth or late-term abortions are among the most grotesque forms legal in Australia.

Social commentator Bill Meuhlenberg has provided this harrowing eye-witness account of a partial birth abortion on his Culture Watch blog.

ACL believes it is only a matter of time before public revulsion will demand an end to this and to the offering of real choices to women who find themselves with an unsupported pregnancy.