It’s An Election Wrap! (well almost!)

With just one day left for campaigning in the Victorian election, now might be the time to review the big picture, remind ourselves of what has gone on and wrap it up.

For ALL the reports and information on the ACL activities around this election just click here to go to our special website set up just for the Victorian 2010 election!

Just in this last week we ran the last 3 of 15 candidate forums and also challenged the ALP not to do a deal with the Greens (click here). 

We began back in late September where 140 key Church leaders and ACL supporters gathered to hear from and to question the Government and Opposition. You can view these “Make It Count – Victoria” videos here. They shed light on where the leaders of the major parties are going.  This was a first for Victoria and we know that it will not be the last time it happens.

At around the same time we put to the political parties a list of 21 questions.  This list was developed after we had gone out across the Church asking “What are the questions we should put to the politicians?”. The questions ranged from matters such as equal opportunity, religious vilification, the role for the church, justice & law, hate crimes, prostitution, violent video games, illicit drugs, poverty, poker machines, homelessness and housing affordability, abortion, euthanasia, child protection, same-sex adoption,  religious freedom in education, CRE, youth rehabilitation, mental health, disability issues and integrity in government.

We were very pleased to have all the major parties, and some minor ones, provide answers to the questions. You can find them here, you can also drill down on the issues that matter most to you and compare party responses as well.

We also conducted 15 “Candidate Forums” across the State over a 3 week period. In all more than 55 candidates and about 900 supporters from a wide range of churches came along and heard candidates from most parties address the audience and respond to questions framed by those present. Our thanks to the churches who hosted these, those who turned up and of course all of the candidates. Details are here.  

During the time of the election campaign we were also able to help keep you informed by blogging as often as possible, responding to issues raised by supporters or in the media.  Information on conscience votes by sitting MPs and membership of Emily’s list were also found here. We also joined a good group of Christians in Parliament House who gathered together to pray for the election.

Perhaps talking about prayer is a good place to end this wrap up. We have done what we can to provide the Christian constituency with information, we have spoken up on issues such as Emily’s list here, the radical Greens policies here, preference deals here and misleading newspaper headlines here

Now all that is left is to pray and go cast your vote. May God direct and guide you this coming Saturday. Regardless of who wins Government, we will continue to represent a voice for values in the political sphere.