With the announcement just after lunchtime on 14th December that the Coalition had achieved a majority of 21 seats in the Legislative Council, we can now wrap up commentary on the 2010 Victorian Election.

Ted Baillieu and his team have achieved what may have seemed impossible just a month or two before the November 27th election. With a swing in excess of 6% that as noted above has given them control of both houses, they now have to press on and lead Victoria with confidence and boldness.

Much has been made by commentators on the ‘left” that the majority is so slim, just the one seat. What of course really matters is the size of the swing. Voters wanted change and now it must be delivered. More than more reliable trains and reining in of rising costs and government waste, Victorians are looking for a Government that will reflect their soul. It was heartening to hear the new Premier speak so generously of the contribution by John Brumby and to reflect on the need for his Government to remain humbled by the honour of leading Victoria and to focus on the great workload ahead of them.

Victorians are generous people, fair minded and possessed of a sense of forward thinking that means that “doing the right thing” could almost be our State motto. We now also look for the Opposition, led by Daniel Andrews, to play its part in our democratic process by being an effective opposition, one that offers constructive criticism and real alternatives in policy. We wish him well.

We look forward to the Government meeting the pre-election commitments regarding Equal Opportunity legislation as well as taking a good look at the contentious Racial & Religious Tolerance Act and of course doing more to protect life, especially the most vulnerable, the unborn. Much more can be done to help women, we must tackle the blight of family violence, trafficking in women for sex, our excessive dependence on gambling income and the problem of alcohol fuelled violence.

Our hospitals are in crisis, mental health services desperate for more resources and carers struggling to find respite.  These are real problems and often there are no simple quick-fix solutions, but tackle them we must. 

Finally a big thanks to all who came to the Make It Count event, Candidate forums or even just informed themselves by visiting the Victoriavotes website. We can make a difference together.