The Victorian election takes place next month and it’s all on the line for Victorian Christians. 

Safe Schools is already being taught in public schools throughout the state. Teaching your children that gender is on a spectrum and can change just like the weather. 

If the ALP Government is re-elected this gender fluid ideology will be enforced in all Victorian High Schools. Parental rights will be ignored as explicit sexual material is taught in both Primary and Secondary schools. The Coalition, on the other hand, has promised to abolish ‘safe schools’ and radical gender ideology. 

Safe Schools is only the beginning of Andrew’s gender agenda. We expect that a re-elected ALP government will legislate to outlaw parents from affirming confused children in their biological sex. 

If the ALP are re-elected they will also most likely start dictating to Christian schools and churches who they are allowed to employ. 

And we know without a shadow of a doubt that a re-elected ALP Government will implement euthanasia. Issuing death permits and tins of killing potions to vulnerable elderly Victorians. But don’t lose heart.  

There are hundreds of volunteers joining the ACL volunteer team to campaign against these issues. 

Campaigning has commenced on the ground in Narre Warren North, Cranbourne, Narre Warren South, Carrum, Rowville, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Keysborough and Clarinda 

Our aim is to have meaningful conversations with voters to make sure they are aware of these radical policies being championed by the Labor party.  

Conversations are so powerful. There is nothing like having conversations with voters, either in person or on the phone, and creating awareness about these critical issues. 

Will you join the team that will take the message to Victorians that these policies must be stopped? 

Your activity may see Daniel Andrews drop his adherence to these dangerous policies or the policies overturned as a result of the election. 

Righteousness exalts a nation (Prov 14:34) and this is why it is important for Christians to engage in this election 

ACL is non-party partisan. It campaigns vigorously on issues of critical concern to the Christian community. 

In Victoria, it’s all on the line. 

Please join the team and volunteer to defend your values.