Reports the Victorian Government has received an interim report advocating assisted suicide legislation reveals the tactics of those pushing for legalisation, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.   

“The trickery is to offer Victorians, and the Parliament, a false set of choices - about detail - while having them swallow the assumption that assisted suicide is beneficial and acceptable,” ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

The Ministerial Advisory Panel is reportedly proposing that public debate be narrowed down to when people should be eligible to be assisted to suicide.

The options reportedly on offer are from 24, 12 or 6 months from estimated death.

“Unfortunately, the Advisory Panel insisted it would not listen to submissions opposed to assisted suicide or euthanasia, which the Government calls ‘assisted dying’,” Mr Flynn said.

“The Victorian Government has traded its values and broken its election promise by adopting this Sex Party and Greens-inspired euthanasia policy because it fears electoral wipe-out in inner city seats.

“What the Andrews Government underestimates is how unpopular assisted suicide is in marginal ALP seats and among the disabled, ethnic and faith based communities.

“Victorians will remember how hard Premier Andrews campaigned during the last election to convince people that he wouldn’t introduce this legislation.

He made it clear that Labor had no plans to introduce this legislation.”

In addition, the Labor Party wrote to the ACL to claim that Victorian Labor does not support such legislation.

“In its rush now to implement euthanasia well ahead of the next election, the Victorian Government is turning its back on palliative care as an effective and compassionate approach towards caring for persons approaching the end of their life,” Mr Flynn said.

“Allowing assisted suicide and euthanasia sends the message that some lives are not worth living and that suicide and euthanasia are options that society supports and encourages.

“The non-terminally ill, who claim their suffering is unbearable, will be able to logically argue that it is discrimination to deny them assisted suicide.

“Furthermore, euthanasia distorts the relationship between doctors and patients. It undermines the essential trust at the heart of that relationship. Doctors will no longer be only healers but also life takers.

“In the Netherlands, a lady in her 80s was recently euthanised by her doctor while protesting and being held down by her family. The euthanasia laws in the Netherlands contained no safeguards against this. Don’t expect the Victorian Bill to contain any either.”