The violent trashing today of Senator Cory Bernardi’s Adelaide office by protestors supporting the Safe Schools program demonstrates a disturbing lack of tolerance among rainbow activists, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said while everyone has a right to express their views on the Safe Schools program no one should resort to violence or bullying.

“Storming the office and intimidating staff with violent action while Senator Bernardi is away in Canberra for Parliament is despicable and cowardly behaviour,” Mr Shelton said.

“Senator Bernardi has raised valid concerns about the Safe Schools program and in a civil society these should be allowed to be debated on their merits.

“It is ironic that the protestors say that they are against any forms of bullying yet they themselves are resorting to bullying and standover tactics.

“Same-sex political activists need to engage in civil dialogue rather than trying to perpetuate fear among those who have differing views to them.

“Intimidation and bully tactics have sadly become all too common amongst those pushing rainbow ideology.

“Calling people bigots or homophobes does not address the issues that are being raised and is designed to silence any opposing views."

ACL staff have also been subject to threating phone calls, death threats and intimidation as a result of the work that has been done to expose what is contained in the Safe Schools program and security at national office has been beefed up.

In February, several ACL staff members were sent graphic and disturbing pornographic images. This included images which appear to contain children. ACL has reported this to Police, who are undertaking an inquiry.