With Federal Parliament resuming on February 7, it is vital we are active in visiting, e-mailing or writing to our MPs in support of marriage.

The Greens-driven campaign for gay marriage, an issue the party ranks as its top priority alongside euthanasia, is set to loom large in 2011.

New Greens MP Adam Bandt put forward a motion in Parliament before Christmas calling on MPs to consult their electorates before politicians come back to Canberra.

Please arrange an appointment with your local member of Parliament next week to express your support for marriage between a man and a woman. You might want to take a group of friends with you.

If you do not have time to visit, please go to our Make a Stand website where you can quickly e-mail your MP. Politicians and their staff monitor the email traffic they receive on issues so taking five minutes to fire off an e-mail in support of marriage will not be wasted.

Some of the key arguments in favour of marriage are at Make a Stand but it is important to make it clear that our campaign to preserve marriage is not a campaign against homosexual or lesbian people.

Marriage by definition and millennia of human relationship ordering is a heterosexual union which many people in the Australian community, including faith communities, care about deeply because of their concern for children.