In the lead up to this year's federal election ABC News will be launching an interactive online application to engage voters on important policy issues during the coming election campaign. 

The tool is called Vote Compass, which will allow audiences to compare their views on a number of policy areas against the positions of political parties, ensuring voters make informed decisions at the ballot box.

In preparation for Vote Compass, ABC News is looking for feedback on issues that are important to Australians before its launched.

You can do this by:

As ACL supporters, we suggest you raise some of the following election issues in your response:

  • Marriage - what is the party's position on retaining the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman?

  • Overseas Aid - what is the party's position on meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and providing necessary foreign aid and committing to development programs to assist poverty-stricken communities overseas?

  • Medicare funding of sex-selection abortions - what is the party's position on providing government funding of abortions procured on the basis of gender selection?

  • Religious Freedom - what is the party's position on protecting freedom of religion in Australia

  • Freedom of Speech - what is the party's position on ensuring people are able to express and live their views about family, marriage and life in the public square without fear of discrimination?

  • Gambling Reform - what is the party's position on addressing the issue of problem gambling in Australia, and what reforms will it make to reduce its effects?

Please visit the 'Issues' tab on the ACL website for more ideas.

To find out more about Vote Compass and the ABC survey, visit the ABC website.