Given the evidence that poker machines harm our community, causing poverty and contributing to family violence, will your party implement the recommendation of the Productivity Commission and mandate $1 bets in the casino in Western Australia?




Australian Christians 

Did not answer.


WA Labor is concerned about the effect problem gambling can have on Western Australians and their families.

The Productivity Commission's recommendations from its 2010 report referred only to $1 bets on electronic gaming machines, not other forms of gambling. 

The implementation of a mandated $1 bet limit on electronic gaming machines by an individual state government, without an Australia-wide action is also problematic without the cooperation of gaming machine manufacturers.

In 2016, Wesfarmers attempted to institute a trial of $1 bets on the 3,069 gaming machines in the 89 hotels owned by the company in Queensland. However, they were not able to conduct this trial as the gaming machine manufacturers refused to alter the machines,
arguing that there needs to be whole of industry approach before they would manufacture new machines or alter existing machines to limit them to $1 bets. Clearly a $1 bet limit can only be achieved with the Commonwealth Government leading and cooperation from all states, especially those where, unlike Western Australia, gaming machines are widespread. 

WA Labor will maintain the current ban on poker machines


Liberal Party

The Western Australian Liberal-led Government does not support the introduction of poker machines into Western Australia.