Harm of Drugs on the Community

Drugs such as ICE are wreaking havoc in our communities. Some groups advocate an approach that would see the individual use of illegal drugs falling outside the criminal framework by applying a system of civil sanctions for personal use of illicit drugs. 




Australian Christians 



A McGowan Labor Government will implement a State-wide, coordinated and targeted Methamphetamine Action Plan (MAP) focussed on three key areas to reduce demand, reduce harm and reduce supply. 

WA Labor will work with experts and stakeholders on early targeted prevention, better treatment services and effective withdrawal services. The MAP will build on what is currently seen as best practice, providing education, training, rehabilitation, coordination and research.

There will be more focus on breaking the cycle of drug related crime in our community by ensuring that there is a focus on rehabilitation in prisons with a specialised treatment and withdrawal services. This does not involve the removal of illicit drug possession laws from the Criminal Code. 

WA Labor also announced that meth traffickers will face a maximum life sentence in prison in a plan to cut the supply in WA. The flow on effects of methamphetamine use are devastating and will not be solved by prosecution alone. We need to ensure that equal emphasis is given to reducing both the demand and the harm caused by methamphetamines.

Liberal Party

The toughest penalties in Australia for dealers, compulsory treatment and a massive investment in rehabilitation are the centrepieces of a $190 million suite of strategies a re-elected Liberal Government will deliver to combat meth. This includes
Mandatory jail terms for dealing, continue successful WA Police Meth Teams, more prosecutors, judges and magistrates, expand powers for Police and the DPP to dismantle the operations of high level dealers:
More rehab beds, compulsory rehabilitation facilities and services, more specialist drug and alcohol nurses in emergency departments and more drug treatment programs
This plan reflects public sentiment that people have had enough of meth-fuelled crime and families are desperate to get their sons and daughters off the drug.
This is a tough, strong and measured approach to disrupting supply and reducing the demand for the most insidious drug destroying lives, families and communities.
Under the plan, anyone caught dealing even small quantities of meth would face a mandatory prison term. Time behind bars would be between one and 15 years depending on the quantity meth offenders are caught trying to peddle.
Ninety four million dollars will be invested in an additional 85 rehabilitation beds across the State, a compulsory drug treatment centre and a range of support services for addicts and their families.
If re-elected a Liberal Government will commit $88 million to a host of measures to stop meth getting to our streets. These include:

  • Mandatory minimum prison terms between one – 15 years for dealing meth
  • $23 million for the WA Police Meth Teams
  • $30 million for additional prosecutors, magistrates and judges
  • $35 million for two new wings at Casuarina Prison
  • $200,000 for dedicated MethStoppers line, run by CrimeStoppers.
  • The intervention and rehabilitation package targets everyone from first time users to long term addicts.

This includes:

  • $20 million for 85 additional rehabilitation beds across WA taking the number to 145
  • $39 million to establish compulsory rehabilitation facility and services
  • Meth intervention orders for first time minor possession
  • Rehabilitation orders for second time minor possession
  • $26 million for prison drug treatment programs
  • $2 million for drug and alcohol nurses in hospital emergency departments
  • $1 million to the Next Step meth treatment clinic
  • $4 million for home based clinical and withdrawal services
  • $0.9 million to the Meth Helpline
  • $1 million for a trial mentoring and peer-non clinical support for addicts and families in crisis

It will create diversion programs and compulsory rehabilitation orders for minor possession charges to try and get users off the drug and away from the justice system.
A further $8 million will be committed to educating the community about the dangers of meth.