Late term abortion

Every year in Western Australia a number babies are subjected to abortion procedures only to be born alive after the abortion procedure has failed.  The trauma on the Mothers and Babies from these incidents is significant.

Will your party support an enquiry to investigate what reforms are required to ensure that all prematurely born babies receive equal access to care and treatment? 




Australian Christians 

Yes. And AC also calls for more accountability and reporting on the true statistics of abortion rates. 


WA Labor supports current laws of pregnancy terminations, which includes additional requirements in Section 334(7) of the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 around terminations after 20 weeks.

There is still a concern around reliable data in relation to terminations undertaken in Australia. WA Labor is in favour of accurate information being the basis of public debate and to inform Government decisions.

The Senate recommendation that Australian Health Ministers "work with the National Perinatal Data Development Committee and other key stakeholders to ensure that, across all States and Territories, comprehensive uniform data is provided to the NMDS" is worthy of support and WA Labor would work with other States towards comprehensive and uniform data being collected across Australia.

Liberal Party

The termination of pregnancy is set out in the WA Health Act. The Act requires that before a greater than 20 week pregnancy can be terminated there must be a clinical diagnosis of a serious medical condition affecting the health of either the mother or the baby. The decision to approve a late termination of pregnancy at King Edward Memorial Hospital is based on input from the multi-disciplinary team of medical practitioners involved in caring for the mother.