Palliative Care

Good quality palliative care is the compassionate response to those needing medical treatment and care towards the end of their life, people in such a position are often some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Palliative care is concerned with caring for and accompanying, a dying person and his or her family or carers in the closing phase of life.

Will your party support the implementation of policies that increase services and delivery of palliative? 




Australian Christians 

Yes. AC does not believe in euthanasia as a means to cope with pain. We want WA to have the best palliative care in the country. 


WA Labor's plan for health will put patients first because patients and patient outcomes arewhat matter most.

WA Labor recognises that all Western Australians regardless of age, gender or condition who are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness deserve to receive the best possible palliative care.

WA Labor supports models of care that allow people to receive palliative treatment in the best possible setting at the end of their life.
Workforce shortages in palliative settings should be addressed and WA Labor will work towards addressing these issues by supporting training and development of our current medical and allied health clinicians.

Liberal Party

Following the provision of election commitment funding in 2008/9 and 2012/13 the WA Cancer & Palliative Care Network has developed a wide range of programs and services to improve palliative care in the state. These programs and services are available in metropolitan, rural and remote areas and they aim to strengthen the provision of high quality care at end of life across all health settings.

In 2015, WA Health commenced the introduction of a range of targeted initiatives to complement existing programs and services. The End of Life Framework is the overarching framework for this work, and is led by the Chief Medical Officer. 

The Framework enables best-practice care for patients and their families or carers at the end of life, commencing when they are first diagnosed with a life limiting illness. It includes four stages - advancing disease; increasing decline; last days of life; and death and bereavement. Importantly, the Framework supports health professionals in this essential and inevitable aspect of their work.