Currently under the Prostitution Act and the Criminal Code, most prostitution related activities are illegal. However, like the laws in many common law jurisdictions, the act of prostitution in itself is not an offence.

There is a strong correlation between prostitution and the increase in sex trafficking, the operation of illegal brothels and under-age prostitution, and to higher rates of other types of organized crime.

Will your party commit to supporting the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry into:

a)      The suitability of the Nordic-approach which focuses law enforcement on the purchaser in the WA context; and 

b)     The feasibility of State-funded exit-programs focusing on those wanting to escape prostitution? 




Australian Christians 

Yes. AC supports the Nordic Model. 


Prostitution has been a vexed issue for Government for many years. The Liberal Government introduced a Bill which allowed prostitution to be legalised in certain areas. The Liberal Government's Bill was introduced into Parliament but never debated due to the inability of the Liberal Government to ensure support from its own Members. WA Labor did not support this bill.

Calls from certain quarters to adopt the so-called "Nordic Model" to control prostitution bears further investigation, however serious doubts have been raised by some researchers that this model simply drives the trade underground, creating more danger for sex workers. WA Labor has no plans to change the current laws.

Liberal Party

Did not answer.