Respectful Relationships

Media attention has been given to controversial school programs that focus on gender identity and provide controversial approaches towards gender such as teaching children that a person who is born biologically male might feel like they are a man, or they might feel like they are a woman.

What is your party’s position on education programs that teach children that gender is socially constructed? 

Will your party fund such programs? 




Australian Christians 

AC is against any program that seeks to enforce a certain view or mindset. 


WA Labor is committed to supporting our schools and teaching staff to provide the best education possible for our children.

We are also confident in the professional judgement of our educators in determining the most suitable evidence-based programs for use in schools.

All individual schools make the decision themselves based on the professional expertise of the educators about whether the Respectful Relationships program is suitable for their school. The guidelines of the program look to the strengths of school communities to create
teaching and learning environments where all members feel and are safe from discrimination, bullying and harassment related to their sexuality or gender.

Liberal Party

Did not answer.