Safe Schools

The Safe Schools Coalition teaches “queer theory”, which includes teaching children that gender exists outside the male/female binary and that gender is socially constructed. One of the founders of the program has stated that safe schools is not about stopping bullying but about promoting gender and sexual diversity. The Safe Schools website lists 29 Western Australian educational institutions, including primary schools, that have joined as members. The research justifying the program has been discredited by University of Sydney Professor Patrick Parkinson.

Will your party commit to removing this highly controversial and sexualised program from all Western Australian Schools? 




Australian Christians 

Yes, AC’s opposes any program that seeks to promote Gender Dysphoria. AC also believes this program discriminates against conservative parents and children, and hence should be replaced by program that promotes the health and well-being of all students


WA Labor is committed to supporting our schools and teaching staff provide the best education possible for our children.

We are disappointed at the Liberal National Government's cuts to school budgets and the numbers of education assistants available to help our children.

WA Labor will put more Education Assistants back into classrooms and provide more teaching support.

We are also confident in the professional judgement of our educators in determining the most suitable evidence-based programs for use in schools.

If the Federal Government withdraws funding , WA Labor will provide funding to allow those public secondary schools to choose to use the Safe schools program that meets their school's needs. WA Labor is not following the Victorian model. We will not mandate the program for all schools. We will respect the choice made by public secondary schools to decide in consultation with their school community, whether all or part of the Safe Schools program is right for their school.

WA Labor supports the review of the Safe Schools program content by respected WA academic Professor Bill Louden, which amended the program's content based on educational expertise.

Liberal Party

In Western Australia, school membership and engagement with the SSCA program is voluntary, and all the services and resources are used at the discretion of each school.  The program developed by SSCA is not endorsed or mandated by the Department of Education.  Schools have the flexibility to choose resources that best suit the context of their teaching and learning programs.  It is worth noting that of over 1,100 public and non-government schools in Western Australia, only 29 have registered with the SSCA on their website.