In television’s ever-growing quest for shock-driven ratings, Channel 7 has stooped to a new low with its Seven Year Switch offering.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said a program glamorising partner swapping and disloyalty did not present a vision of flourishing human relationships conducive to building a civil society.

“Channel 7 really should ask itself if this presents a vision of human dignity or is it just crass voyeurism?

“Many marriages and relationships have produced children by seven years. Is glamorising partner swapping really a good idea for the individuals and children that may be involved?”

Mr Shelton said Seven Year Switch plumbed a new low of so-called reality television.
“I really do think the Seven network could do better and that we as a society are better than this,” he said.

“We urge shareholders to express these concerns to management.”

Complaints can be lodged online, on the Channel 7 Facebook page, or on twitter @Channel7