What is likely to be a long struggle to re-establish freedom of speech and freedom of religion now begins.

Despite the urging of a former Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the Turnbull Government allowed a bill with no protection for freedom of speech and little protection for freedom of religion to become law.

This was the end result of the marriage plebiscite as it played out in the Parliament last month.

People who wish to speak publicly about marriage being exclusively between one man and one woman now risk being fined for bigotry.

Even before the law changed, a prominent leader of the same-sex marriage movement, Rodney Croome, called for legal action to be taken against Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous.

Diversity officers tapped people working in big companies and an 18-year-old girl was sacked.

Their crimes? They believed marriage was man woman. But in this new environment they are bigots who should be punished.

In its haste to legislate same-sex marriage before Christmas, the government kicked the can of free speech and freedom of religion down the road to a review by former MP Philip Ruddock.

With most MPs and Senators rejecting the reasonable accommodations for diversity of belief about marriage put forward in a bill sponsored by Senator James Paterson, precious freedoms have now been lost.

As John Howard warned, freedom now risks being “stuck in the sand”.

The Ruddock Review’s challenge is to put Humpty back together again.

It is so important that you and I make our voices heard.

Whether or not freedom is restored will come down to a decision of the Turnbull Government once it receives recommendations from the Ruddock review.

It is vital that we speak up now.

ACL has put together some points that you might like to consider for your own submission. You do not have to write a long submission, but you should implore the review to allow freedom of expression about marriage to be restored in Australia.

Thanks for taking action. Please share this on social media and encourage your friends to also make a submission.

Our work is only just beginning.