Who do I vote for? How do I make my vote count for Christian values? This is what many are asking with just weeks until polling day.

For the past 10 years, ACL has worked hard to ensure Christians know as much as possible about the Parties and Candidates standing in elections.

In a non-party partisan way (but critical where necessary), we have sought to help Christians cast an informed vote for those who best support Christian values.

We are pleased to be taking this service to new levels in the 2010 Victorian Election.

We contacted all the Parties contesting the election with 21 questions of key concern to Christians.

All of the well-known Parties have promised to respond, along with some of the less well known.

We will be posting their answers on the victoriavotes.org.au site and hope you might take some time between now and November 27th to consider their responses. For busy people who don’t have time to go through 21 questions and answers, we have an easy link to “Touchstone Issues”.

This site contains information about ACL’s local Candidate Forums and we are in the process of up-loading short video messages from participating Candidates.

If your local candidate has not submitted a video, you might like to ask them to consider this.

victoriavotes.org.au also contains information on conscience votes held in the Victorian Parliament.

It is important to know where your candidate stands on protecting human life at its most vulnerable.

We’ll be seeking to update this blog daily (after 28th October) with comment on the remainder of the campaign as it affects Christians.

God bless,

Rob Ward

ACL State Director - Victoria