Meet Evan. According to the current edition of Time Magazine, he and his baby are the new frontier in the brave new world same-sex marriage is creating for us.

Biologically, Evan is a woman but we are not allowed to call her this.

Despite transitioning some years ago to identify as a man, Evan proved her femininity by dialing back the testosterone supplements enough to allow her to fall pregnant.

Evan, the woman identifying as a man, recently became the mother of a child through sperm donation.

This is because Evan's partner is a woman and despite Evan identifying as a man, the couple were unable to conceive without outside help.

(For the record, ACL believes donor conception and surrogacy in all its forms is ethically problematic.)

The photo of the bearded, hairy chested Evan breast feeding his/her baby is confronting. Some things just can't be unseen.

I've made another PC faux pas by referencing breast feeding in this context. Time, which celebrates this development as the new normal in a post-same-sex marriage world, explains to us that we are not allowed to call what we see here breast feeding.

The correct term is "chest feeding".

Those who think this is for the "only in America file" should start Googling what Australia's "Safe Schools" program is teaching the kids in over 500 schools.

Play the "Safe Schools" tape forward and Evan is where you end up.

It is no wonder supporters of redefining marriage do not want ordinary people to have their say through a national plebiscite.

This is why Labor, the Greens and Nick Xenophon are blocking the plebiscite legislation in the Senate.

Political elites are determined to force us all to accept Evan's "chest feeding" as the new normal and if you question it you are a bigot.

What about the rights of the baby? Shut up bigot.

I hope this will be Australia's "wait a minute" moment in the face of the relentless push for same-sex marriage law and its fellow traveller, "Safe Schools".

I feel desperately sad for Evan. Despite going to extraordinary lengths to modify her body so she could identify as a man, the natural maternal instinct was so strong that she went to extraordinary lengths to fulfill this.

What are the natural instincts of the child of these nature-defying experiments upon which we as a society are embarked?

A respectful national plebiscite would be a good way for us to reflect upon this.