I’m still processing Donald Trump’s shock win.

I don’t like the negative campaign he ran and I don’t like his treatment of women.

But equally, Bill Clinton, aided and abetted by Hillary, has also treated women despicably.

As ACL has commented, both are products of our society’s debased cultural attitudes.

And the Clinton Foundation’s activities along with Hillary’s misuse of her government email server meant there were clouds hanging over her integrity.

So both candidates were no paragons of the character and virtue we as Christians would prefer to see in our leaders.

But Trump has won and it is worth reflecting what this means for issues Christians hold dear.

Firstly, Trump will defund Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry business which was caught out last year selling baby parts.

(The Australian Government gives some of our overseas aid money to Planned Parenthood International’s activities in the Pacific.)

Trump will appoint pro-life judges to the US Supreme Court. It is not inconceivable that the court decisions which legalised abortion and same-sex marriage in the US could be overturned.

Nothing in politics is inevitable.

It is also likely that the rainbow agenda to teach children their gender is fluid will cease. Obama’s so-called bathroom mandate which decrees that schools must allow boys identifying as girls to use girls’ toilets will be overturned.

In Australia the so-called Safe Schools’ Coalition is promoting this and other radical agendas to children.

And the war on freedom of religion in America, driven largely by rainbow politics, will be slowed.

US politics desperately needed a disruptor. I wish it didn’t have to happen this way.